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Virtual Assistant Stats 2019

Be it healthcare, finance, education, banking, advertising or retail customer service sector, AI is fundamentally changing the entire pattern of how industries operate today. Commercial platforms are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) backed virtual assistant systems to personalise customer experience, resolve customer queries, office administration, secretarial work, database management, data entry/spreadsheets, appointment bookings, and generate reasoning solutions. Matured companies and start-ups are increasingly investing in virtual assistant systems to stimulate their workstyle and establish themselves to greater heights. This reflected in a recent PwC research where 72% of business executives confirmed that digital assistants have made their lives easier. Whereas, ValueWalk added to the subject that by 2021, the growth of virtual assistants is expected to reach $15.79 billion. Virtual assistants have led companies to focus on other essential skills by unburdening working hours.

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